all it took was a song

all it took was a song :
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Monet Maddux – Self Titled

Produced by: Ray Wylie Hubbard


What’s it gonna take to make this a done deal
I want you for my own I wont borrow or steal
I feel a good vibration I gotta tingling sensation
It’s just my dumb luck that I got moon struck when you walked-in

*I swear, my eyes got wide when I saw you
My tongue got tied, I couldn’t breathe or move
Awe, it’s a crazy feeling but a beautiful thing

Now I’m about to go and throw caution to the wind
Boy, its gonna blow you away when you hear all the things I’m thinking
So here’s your invitation, you gotta win-win situation
Don’t think twice, come on roll the dice & the games begin


She won’t look me in the eye, no something ain’t right
Oh, who’s the little lady who’s been hovering lately
She’s like an ally cat pawing at the back porch doormat
Purring, circling wanting you to let her in

*Who’s that talking ‘bout taking my man
Who’s that hoping that maybe she can
Who’s that
Who’s that thinking she can fill my shoes
Who’s that walking too close to you
Who’s that

She’s been stepping on a fine line
Skipping through a land mine
Making mighty bold moves
Acting like a damn fool

You better tell her, make her understand
You ain’t a two-timing man
If she needs to hear from me
I will tell her happily

She’s like a cottonmouth curled round waiting to strike
Lurking in the toolshed about to bite
I see her in the dark, I smell her stench
I’m watching like a hawk she better not move an inch


I’ve fallen out of favor, been face down on the floor
I’ve cried out for the savior, painted blood red on the door
Lift me up sweet angel if that’s what you’re here for
I’m through fighting you Gabriel, now set aside your sword

*Open up this gate and roll away that stone
Oh yes, I’m far from perfect
No, I’m not a saint
The Good Book says I’m worth it
though some say I ain’t
Open up this gate and roll away that stone
I’ve found my way home

As I look back I wonder was I ever alone
Were the prayers of my mother a barrier for my wrong
Somewhere in the distance I’ve heard the sweetest song
I’ve just had to figure out the words so I could sing along


Even a wretch like me can learn Amazing Grace
and turn about-face


You know I’d take a bullet for you
Take the fall and the blame too
Believe me baby, nothing I wouldn’t do
But there’s a fine line

I don’t mind a few rude mistakes
You can bruise my heart but it better not break
You know what they say about love and hate
There’s a fine line

*Please don’t cross that line
Whatever you do
Please don’t cross that line
There’s a part of me on the other side
That won’t forgive you

Everyday I thank the Lord above
He brought me you and you taught me love
But handle me with kid gloves ‘cause
There’s a fine line

Never step across that place in the sand
It’s cold and dark but part of who I am
When ya been hurt over and over again
You grow a fine line


I don’t blame you for blaming me
I wasn’t there for you, I didn’t know how to be
I was doing like I was done
And while you were growing, growing, growing
I was gone

There’s no excuse for where I’ve been
I should’a driven you to school, should’a been tucking you in
Sometimes I was working, sometimes just having fun
While you were growing, growing, growing I was gone

*Will you lay down your guard and let me hold you in my arms
Will you pretend I’ve never left your side
If I close my eyes and go way back in my mind
Will you be five years old one more time

Even though it don’t matter now
I was always talking ‘bout you passing pictures around
But I understand where you’re coming from
‘Cause while I was growing, growing, growing
they were gone


I don’t blame you for blaming me
I wasn’t there for you, I didn’t know how to be
I was doing like I was done
And while you were growing, growing, growing
I was gone

We use to be 50/50 all the time
Everything right down the line
You went left and I went right
And in the middle we’d meet at night

Well, it ain’t been easy truth be told
We climbed the ladder and fell flat broke
I’d start to cry and you’d make me laugh
Going all way takes more than half

*You and me
We’re two parts of one thing
And when 50/50 hurts
60/40 works

Our babies brought the sun and rain
Rough, long nights and tough, hard days
We’d wake dead tired and roll our sleeve
Yeah, we might walk away but never leave


There ain’t no such thing as fair and square
Now it’s more or less we just don’t care
We gotta love down deep and stay the course
Gotta keep betting on that long shot horse


We go 50/50, 60/40, if you need me honey 80/20

Hey girl, you make it look so easy
The way you walk in the room, wink at the barkeep
Waltz on the dance floor like you’re parting the Red Sea

Girl, I wish I could be groovy like you
In a silk-blue kimono, your hair cut in a shag
Snakeskin stilettos, wearing a halo like a hat

*Girl, share your secret
I swear, I’ll keep it under lock and key
You gotta carefree spirit, you dare to be different
You’re everything I want to be
Girl, share your secret with me

Girl, I wish I could preach the truth like you do
You don’t apologize or lie, no you tell it like it is
Then leave us all wanting more, blowing us an air kiss

Girl, you’re a Tarantino movie
You’re far out and super cool, you’re a star in outer space
You’re beautiful like Uma in a peculiar kinda way


You set’em up, I knock’em down
You’re a straight shooter, I hem-haw around
You’re understanding, I’m misunderstood
You ain’t half bad honey, I ain’t that good

*We’re Yin & Yang
We’ll never be the same thing
But if the sun and moon get along alright
Maybe left and right and wrong tonight
Take my hand, feel that spark of lightning
That’s static electricity, a little Yin & Yang
And a whole lotta you and me

You’re hot and spicy, Im’a sugar sweet
You get up and at’em while I’m still asleep
You’re complicated; I’m a simple girl
You’re a homebody baby, I wanna see the world


Our love lies in-between
Baby, our love lies in-between
Our love lies in-between all the extremes


You gotta clean slate hanging over your head
And I ain’t done one thing I regret yet
I gotta size you up ‘fore you let me down
Are you a good ‘ole boy or a man about town

*If I roll the dice will you be naughty or nice
Are you my new sweetheart or my next heartache
Don’t make me guess, I’m begging please
Playing hard to get is too hard on me
Sweetheart or my next heartache
Come on tell the truth shoot me straight which one are you
Sweetheart or heartache

Well, I’ve been bitten twice so I’m a little shy
But I’d change my mind if you’re the right guy
Don’t you be a mistake that I’ll wanna undo
Caught red-handed claiming you’re true-blue


If I roll the dice will you be naughty or nice
Sweetheart or heartache

A sinner’s gotta a future a saint’s gotta past
Ain’t nobody perfect and nothing lasts
Three second chances and one more night
Won’t clean our slate or make it all alright

*I’m sorry, I said I’m sorry
What more can I do or say if my love for you is lost
I’m sorry, I said I’m sorry
How much will I have to pay for you to take me off
This cross

Instead of going around saying this and that
Will you please take the bullseye off my back
“Cause we both are to blame we both know why
If you don’t stoke a flame it’s gonna die


Ya don’t smile and hold my hand no more
We don’t laugh the way we did before
Don’t hate me cause I’m gonna leave
I’m at the end of my rope hanging by a string
Have mercy, let’s live and let live
You won’t forget but you’ve got to forgive


There is a high and mighty lion watching over the goat and lamb
One understands his sacrifice but one can’t comprehend
And there’s a serpent lurking down below, he’ll eat’em whole if he can
The lion saves’em, the serpent slays’em, both want the goat and lamb

*The lake of fire is on the rise
Make no mistake this ain’t the river of life
You can open or close your eyes
But realize your true desire
The lake of fire is on rise

As the herd is separating the rock of ages turns to sand
Some run left, some run right, some still can’t comprehend
And the serpent he’s hell bent and wants a little more than an upper-hand
In a stranglehold he grabs the goat into the flames he drags him in


Every star begins to fall and darkness stains the land
Thundering trumpets start to call, the ending now begins
The serpent’s silver tongue unfolds, he grins and licks the lamb
And the lion rips his head from his throat, that’s all she wrote, AMEN


Monet Maddux – 11:11 EP

Wonder Road : Single

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